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Red cat

Date: February 5, 2020

Girls in Russian folk costumes before performing on stage

Girls communicate with each other. Spread out to the side of the hands when talking. Nice talk before the performance. Warm Russian national costumes for girls. Teenage girls look each other in the eye. Two beautiful girls

A bike path for sports on the riverembankment

The embankment on the Volga River. The city of Samara. A warm summer day on the river bank. Coloured bike path for sports. Blue clear skies

Two girls in Russian folk costumes perform on stage during street festivities

Two people play a scene at the carnival festival. Actors hold posters with the words "date" and "walk". Girls dressed in Russian folk dresses and headscarves

A man gives his child a sweet cotton wool

During the holiday, the child receives cotton wool from his father. Big white candy on a stick. Celebration of the national holiday of Shrovetide in Russia, in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky

Young autumn forest under fluffy clouds.

On a clear warm autumn day, yellow grass and young trees stretch to fluffy white clouds.

The car is loaded with potatoes on the road.

Blue skies with clouds on a sunny autumn day over agricultural fields.

Two trees leaned towards each other across the street.

Poplar, illuminated by sunlight on an autumn day against the blue sky and clouds.

Trees with multi-colored foliage on a sunny autumn day

A mixed forest of coniferous and deciduous trees is illuminated by the rays of the sun against the blue sky.

A detached tree of a young birch tree on the edge of the field is illuminated by the rays of the sun.

Agricultural green field, illuminated by the rays of the sun. Blue clear skies with small clouds

A woman's hand takes the battery with her fingers.

Several batteries stand on a white background. Fingers are drawn to one in the middle.

Large round wristwatch with a pearl necklace on a black background.

Business accessories are men and women. Everyday decorations for work.

The sun through the clouds illuminates the high uneven shores of the abandoned carter.

Clouds are reflected in dark water. The rays of the sun shine on the yellow grass.

Small green leaves of shrub in the sunlight in the autumn.

Light green foliage of the plant is illuminated by sunlight. Small veins of leaves are visible in light.

Tapping the screen of the included smartphone.

The smartphone lock screen with numbers and Cyrillic inscriptions. A white smartphone lying on a white surface. The finger attached to the smartphone screen in lock mode.

The texture of stones of different shapes.

Grey granite stones and shapeless colored stones.

Sea surf on a warm sunny day.

A narrow path going to a small settlement on the island.

Trucking with tug on the river

River transport. Carrying goods on rivers in the summer. A clear sunny day. Blue water. A tow truck

Sculpture of a big man lying in the middle of a street in the city of Anapa

Tourists walk down the alley in the city of Anapa to the city beach. In the center of the alley, in the middle of the flowerbed, there is a huge sculpture of a resting tourist

Selling warm fur hats at the fair

Curious shoppers try on beautiful handmade winter hats during the fair in the square. Selfie yourself in a winter big cap. A girl with a smartphone uses her phone as a mirror to review the new look. People touch interesting fur products

Fluffy thick clouds over a plowed field on an autumn day.

The ploughed field seems to breathe the autumn air. The air smells of grass and freshness.

A green field of grass under blue skies with clouds on a sunny autumn day.

A large field with green vegetation. Along the meadow grow trees with yellow and green foliage. Blue sky with clouds.

View of the mountain quarry on a sunny autumn day.

Autumn landscape and human industrial activity. Blue sky with large heavy white clouds. Trees with yellow and green foliage. A working village located next to a working quarry.

Goats grazing on a meadow on a warm sunny autumn day.

Goats frolic cheerfully on the field among the yellow and green grass. The sun`s rays illuminate the yellow foliage of the trees.

Harvest potatoes in the fields on a sunny autumn day.

Packaged potatoes in bags waiting to be transported. Rows and furrows on the earthen field after collecting potatoes.

The man

A number of batteries stand on a white background. Fingers are drawn to the one in the middle.

Vegetarian shop with ripe vegetables.

Gently folded red tomatoes. Fresh harvest from the farm.

A roll of hay on a cleared agricultural field.

A bale of hay twisted into a roll that lies on a field with beveled grass. Yellow field after harvesting in the rays of the setting sun on a warm autumn day.

Autumn view of the rock near the river. The rock resembles the remains of a large ancient crocodile.

The rock resembles the remains of a large ancient crocodile. A rock with an even sloping edge near a quiet river. Birches and pinetrees located on a high and steep shore. Autumn foliage is yellow and green. Cloudy autumn day.

Dark shaded green round leaves of some shrub.

A branch of green shrub on an autumn day. Around the yellowing leaves of other plants.

A smartphone with the screen on is on a white surface.

Smartphone lock screen with numbers and Cyrillic inscriptions.