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Красногорская ТЭЦ Red cat Girls in Russian folk costumes before performing on stage A bike path for sports on the riverembankment Two girls in Russian folk costumes perform on stage during street festivities A man gives his child a sweet cotton wool Young autumn forest under fluffy clouds. The car is loaded with potatoes on the road.  Two trees leaned towards each other across the street. Trees with multi-colored foliage on a sunny autumn day A detached tree of a young birch tree on the edge of the field is illuminated by the rays of the sun. A woman's hand takes the battery with her fingers. Large round wristwatch with a pearl necklace on a black background. Red tomatoes and green cucumber on a white background. Agricultural field after harvesting in the rays of the setting sun. The sun through the clouds illuminates the high uneven shores of the abandoned carter. Small green leaves of shrub in the sunlight in the autumn. The outlines of the contours of the smartphone on a white background. Black cover for the lens on a white background with a reflection of light. Tapping the screen of the included smartphone. The texture of stones of different shapes. Sea surf on a warm sunny day. Мотобол - 2012 Мотобол - 2012 Мотобол - 2012 Мотобол - 2012 Мотобол - 2012 Мотобол - 2012 Southern entrance to the city Самолет на проходной КУЛЗа Волчья добыча Clouds over the field Trucking with tug on the river Sculpture of a big man lying in the middle of a street in the city of Anapa Selling warm fur hats at the fair khomutovscom5-20191021 Fluffy thick clouds over a plowed field on an autumn day. A green field of grass under blue skies with clouds on a sunny autumn day. View of the mountain quarry on a sunny autumn day. Goats grazing on a meadow on a warm sunny autumn day. Harvest potatoes in the fields on a sunny autumn day. The man Fuger lying on a black soft lint surface surrounded by pearl decoration. Vegetarian shop with ripe vegetables. A roll of hay on a cleared agricultural field. Autumn view of the rock near the river. The rock resembles the remains of a large ancient crocodile. Dark shaded green round leaves of some shrub. The outlines of the contours of the smartphone on a white background. The cell phone is retro with a small screen and buttons to dial the number. A smartphone with the screen on is on a white surface.