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Two agricultural fields are separated by a ploughed furrow.

Autumn landscape on a sunny day in fields with different cultures. Light clouds over the plowed field. Harvesting.

Huge fluffy clouds float on the blue sky above the road, fields and trees.

On autumn trees, on the field and on the road there are bizarre shadows. Light and shadow on the autumn day decided to compete.

Fluffy thick clouds over a plowed field on an autumn day.

The ploughed field seems to breathe the autumn air. The air smells of grass and freshness.

Young autumn forest under fluffy clouds.

On a clear warm autumn day, yellow grass and young trees stretch to fluffy white clouds.

A lonely tree standing in a field on a foggy morning.

Fog over the field on autumn day. Rainy foggy morning in the field. The forest sank in a misty haze

Men walking along the waterfront of the city of Theodosia

A building with columns on the shores of the Black Sea. The city of Theodosia, Crimea. Blue sky with clouds above the circular building. People vacationing on a summer day

A window through the trees at the seaport in Theodosia. Republic of Crimea

Green foliage of trees covering the bay and seaport. Summer day in the Republic of Crimea. Black Sea and hillview

Home for tourists on a sunny summer day

Five-storey hotel near the Black Sea. A cozy lawn with evenly trimmed lawns. Clear sunny day

The house of Alexander Green, who wrote "Running on the Waves", "Scarlet Sails". A Russian writer

The wall of the building where Alexander Green lived and worked is a Russian writer. The wall is made in the form of a ship

The historic part of the city of Theodosia. The Republic of Crimea

Alley with historical lanterns in the Museum Square of Theodosia. Downtown. People walk slowly along the alleys on a summer day

Railroad tracks in the center of the city of Theodosia. Republic of Crimea

A man inspecting railroad tracks. The background is blue sky and mountains

The building of an abandoned hotel. Feodosiya City, Republic Of Crimea

High building of the sanatorium against the blue sky. Near the building stretches the railway line

Monument to the artist Aivazovsky in the city of Theodosia

Monument to the artist Aivazovsky next to the art gallery. The city of Theodosia. The Republic of Crimea. A man sitting on a chair and looking into the distance. He holds a brush in his hand. The background is the yellow wall of the art gallery building

Sculpture of a big man lying in the middle of a street in the city of Anapa

Sculpture in the form of a monument to a resting man with a hat. The sculpture is located next to the city beach on the Black Sea. Summer Day

Sculpture of a big man lying in the middle of a street in the city of Anapa

Tourists walk down the alley in the city of Anapa to the city beach. In the center of the alley, in the middle of the flowerbed, there is a huge sculpture of a resting tourist

Fountain of lovers in the square . City Of Gelendzhik

New fountain near the Central beach of Gelendzhik. Black Sea. Russia. A place for meetings, dates. Choice for photographing tourists

The embankment of Gelendzhik, Russia. The Black Sea coast

Walking tourists along the alley along the Black Sea embankment. Tall trees create an atmosphere of a closed cozy tunnel

A bike path for sports on the riverembankment

The embankment on the Volga River. The city of Samara. A warm summer day on the river bank. Coloured bike path for sports. Blue clear skies

The embankment of the city of Samara in Russia. Summer landscape

Sunny summer day on the riverfront. Clouds all over the blue sky

Trucking with tug on the river

River transport. Carrying goods on rivers in the summer. A clear sunny day. Blue water. A tow truck

Running child participates in festive festivities in Shrovetide. Pancake week

The child and the girl participate in active events on the occasion of the carnival celebration. A boy dressed in warm clothes runs. The child has a toy pan with toy pancakes in his hands. Fashionably dressed girl with red hair moves and smiles

Young girl sells tulips

The seller of tulips at an organized fair during the festivities. A woman dressed in warm clothes on a cloudy day. Tulips for sale, standing in black buckets

A man gives his child a sweet cotton wool

During the holiday, the child receives cotton wool from his father. Big white candy on a stick. Celebration of the national holiday of Shrovetide in Russia, in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky

A crowd of people standing behind a fence of colored flags

People with children stand in front of the fence and shoot something on the video camera. A young man making a video recording of an event. Fence in the form of flags

Women of age perform on stage holding microphones

A group of 9 women performs songs on stage during the festive fair. People dressed in warm clothes sing on stage holding microphones. A white church is visible in the background

Girls in Russian folk costumes before performing on stage

Girls communicate with each other. Spread out to the side of the hands when talking. Nice talk before the performance. Warm Russian national costumes for girls. Teenage girls look each other in the eye. Two beautiful girls

Photographing the holiday on a smartphone

Shooting a festive performance on a smartphone. Record video of the event on your smartphone. An extended man's hand with a phone. A performance at the fair by a group of people. Shooting events around the corner

Selling warm fur hats at the fair

Curious shoppers try on beautiful handmade winter hats during the fair in the square. Selfie yourself in a winter big cap. A girl with a smartphone uses her phone as a mirror to review the new look. People touch interesting fur products

Two girls in Russian folk costumes perform on stage during street festivities

Two people play a scene at the carnival festival. Actors hold posters with the words "date" and "walk". Girls dressed in Russian folk dresses and headscarves

Two men standing on one log try to knock down rival with a soft bag

February 25, 2012. Fair dedicated to the holiday of Shrovetide. Two people compete for agility in folk fun. A crowd of people gathered around two men standing on the same log. The game is a joy-giving game.

A drawn horse at a festive fair

Landing people on a drawn wagon. A calm redhorse surrounded by people. Festive fair. Clear shadows on the tarmac from people on a sunny clear day. Blue clear skies. The child shows dad the horse. Yellow facade of the church