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A yellow field of ripe wheat under the autumn sun. Young autumn forest under fluffy clouds. Fluffy thick clouds over a plowed field on an autumn day. Huge fluffy clouds float on the blue sky above the road, fields and trees. A lonely tree standing in a field on a foggy morning. Men walking along the waterfront of the city of Theodosia Home for tourists on a sunny summer day A window through the trees at the seaport in Theodosia. Republic of Crimea Railroad tracks in the center of the city of Theodosia. Republic of Crimea The historic part of the city of Theodosia. The Republic of Crimea The house of Alexander Green, who wrote "Running on the Waves", "Scarlet Sails". A Russian writer The building of an abandoned hotel. Feodosiya City, Republic Of Crimea Monument to the artist Aivazovsky in the city of Theodosia Sculpture of a big man lying in the middle of a street in the city of Anapa Sculpture of a big man lying in the middle of a street in the city of Anapa The embankment of Gelendzhik, Russia. The Black Sea coast Fountain of lovers in the square . City Of Gelendzhik The embankment of the city of Samara in Russia. Summer landscape A bike path for sports on the riverembankment Trucking with tug on the river Running child participates in festive festivities in Shrovetide. Pancake week Young girl sells tulips khomutovscom9-20191021 khomutovscom6-20191021 khomutovscom7-20191021 khomutovscom5-20191021 A man gives his child a sweet cotton wool Girls in Russian folk costumes before performing on stage Women of age perform on stage holding microphones A crowd of people standing behind a fence of colored flags Photographing the holiday on a smartphone Selling warm fur hats at the fair Two girls in Russian folk costumes perform on stage during street festivities A drawn horse at a festive fair Two men standing on one log try to knock down rival with a soft bag