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Autumn (59)


Two trees, like guards, stand on the edge of the mist.

Misty cold morning in the autumn field. The forest was lost in the cold autumn fog. Autumn field is cold and lonely in a damp fog

Autumn field in the harvest season.

Trees dressed in bright autumn foliage. Fluffy white clouds float over the field. Agricultural work has been completed. The hay is ready for transportation.

Two agricultural fields are separated by a ploughed furrow.

Autumn landscape on a sunny day in fields with different cultures. Light clouds over the plowed field. Harvesting.

A yellow field of ripe wheat under the autumn sun.

Blue sky with overhanging fluffy clouds over an agricultural field with crops.

Young autumn forest under fluffy clouds.

On a clear warm autumn day, yellow grass and young trees stretch to fluffy white clouds.

Fluffy thick clouds over a plowed field on an autumn day.

The ploughed field seems to breathe the autumn air. The air smells of grass and freshness.

Huge fluffy clouds float on the blue sky above the road, fields and trees.

On autumn trees, on the field and on the road there are bizarre shadows. Light and shadow on the autumn day decided to compete.

A lonely tree standing in a field on a foggy morning.

Fog over the field on autumn day. Rainy foggy morning in the field. The forest sank in a misty haze