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Hilarious smiley from pasta

Smiling face on a black background. The mask of a mysterious animal.

Red cell phone with a cover closing cover.

A classic folding phone with buttons on a white background.

A flower with white small petals on a green background.

A daisy flower on a dark green grass background. The image is suitable for design, as there is room for writing to the left of the flower. Summer flower with yellow center.

Blossoming daisy flower on a green blurred background.

A daisy flower in the bottom corner of the image. The image is suitable for design. There is plenty of room to write at the top and middle of the image. White flower with small petals with yellow center. Blossomed field flower on a dark green blurred background of summer grass.

Young shoots of wood in the autumn rays of the sun on a forest clearing.

A small green tree sprouted in the forest. A very small plant with green leaves, surrounded by pine cones and yellow leaves

Vegetarian shop with ripe vegetables.

Gently folded red tomatoes. Fresh harvest from the farm.

Batteries on a white background with a shadow in the form of a pointer.

Ecology and protection of the environment from pollution. A clean white background with colored batteries.