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The texture of stones of different shapes.

Grey granite stones and shapeless colored stones.

Retro cell phone next to a modern smartphone business.

A business set of two phones. The glare on the screens of two phones.

Red cell phone with a cover closing cover.

A classic folding phone with buttons on a white background.

The shores of an abandoned quarry are illuminated by the rays of the sun on a cloudy day through heavy autumn clouds.

View from the cliff to an abandoned quarry. The quarry is filled with water. Heavy autumn clouds over the reservoir. Yellow and green foliage on the shores of the reservoir.

Pocket watch with a red dial and an open lid on a grey background.

Business hours of the old era. Opening at the touch of a button. Bright red dial with arrows. Silver shiny body.

Two trees, like guards, stand on the edge of the mist.

Misty cold morning in the autumn field. The forest was lost in the cold autumn fog. Autumn field is cold and lonely in a damp fog