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The texture of stones of different shapes.

Grey granite stones and shapeless colored stones.

The trunk of coniferous trees in the forest is illuminated by light sunlight.

The pines are standing close together in the forest. The rays of the sun illuminating the brown trunks of the trees. Smooth cylindrical surfaces. Autumn forest.

The sprout of a tree illuminated by sunlight in the forest.

Green shoots plants next to a large pine. Light falling on the foliage and the trunk of the tree.

Young green shoots of plants in the coniferous forest in the sun.

Young green leaves illuminated by sunlight. Autumn fallen foliage mixed with fallen conifers at the foot of the young plant. Sunlight in the dark pine forest on a warm autumn day.

Sunny autumn evening on the agricultural field.

Unusual shadows visually converge on the horizon with clouds at one point. Blue skies and clouds sat above the deciduous trees.

A large stone lying on a cliff by the water.

View from the cliff to an abandoned quarry. The quarry is filled with water. Heavy autumn clouds over the reservoir. Yellow and green foliage on the shores of the reservoir.

Trees with multi-colored foliage on a sunny autumn day

A mixed forest of coniferous and deciduous trees is illuminated by the rays of the sun against the blue sky.

View of the mountain quarry on a sunny autumn day.

Autumn landscape and human industrial activity. Blue sky with large heavy white clouds. Trees with yellow and green foliage. A working village located next to a working quarry.