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Dam on the Kamenka river

The city pond dam is one of the first such industrial structures in the Urals.
It is located in the old part of the city and has the status of an architectural monument of regional significance since December 28, 2001.
The minimum depth of the pond on which this dam stands is 4 meters.
This structure was used for the needs of the Kamensky plant, which was closed in 1926.
To date, the dam regularly serves the needs of uralelectromash.
The dam acquired its classic, familiar appearance only in the 20th century.

Author: @andreykhomutoff -

Date of shooting: January 21, 2020

Three electric transmission towers look like giant tall penguins.

High-voltage electric transmission towers resembling large giants. Towers are like mystical animals, following each other and holding hands. They keep wires with electricity in their beaks and paws. The towers are installed on a field with yellow grass. Autumn day with rays of the sun illuminating the treetops. Cloudy skies.

View of the mountain quarry on a sunny autumn day.

Autumn landscape and human industrial activity. Blue sky with large heavy white clouds. Trees with yellow and green foliage. A working village located next to a working quarry.