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Sea surf on a warm sunny day.

A narrow path going to a small settlement on the island.

Autumn trees on an agricultural field at sunset.

The field is illuminated by the rays of the setting sun. Heavy skies with clouds above the forest. The beveled grass in the meadow. Unusual shadows falling on the field.

Reflection of the sunset and clouds on the surface of the river.

A slight excitement of water on the surface of the river. Reflection of the sunset and clouds in the quiet surface of the river.

Orange sunset over the factory complex.

Reflection of the sunset in the water. The pipes of the plant tower over the quietly falling asleep nature. The red sun is reflected in the waters of the river.

A tree with fluffy foliage by the river in the rays of the setting sun at sunset.

Autumn paints on the shore of a calm pond. Blue skies and clouds are reflected in the water. The grass turned yellow in a clearing near the pond. Sunny warm day.

Two trees, like guards, stand on the edge of the mist.

Misty cold morning in the autumn field. The forest was lost in the cold autumn fog. Autumn field is cold and lonely in a damp fog

A lonely tree standing in a field on a foggy morning.

Fog over the field on autumn day. Rainy foggy morning in the field. The forest sank in a misty haze