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Dam on the Kamenka river Sad smiley pasta on a dark background The castle of eternal love of newlyweds. Large shapeless stones lying on the green lawn in the shade. Blossoming daisy flower on a green blurred background. A flower with white small petals on a green background. Small green leaves of shrub in the sunlight in the autumn. Dark shaded green round leaves of some shrub. The trunk of coniferous trees in the forest is illuminated by light sunlight. The sprout of a tree illuminated by sunlight in the forest. Young shoots of wood in the autumn rays of the sun on a forest clearing. Young green shoots of plants in the coniferous forest in the sun. Autumn light falling on the yellowed leaves of the ash bush. Rowan with bright red ripe berries and green foliage on a cloudy autumn day. Agricultural field after harvesting in the rays of the setting sun. Gently folded green cucumbers. Orange sunset over the factory complex. Harvest potatoes in the fields on a sunny autumn day. A detached tree of a young birch tree on the edge of the field is illuminated by the rays of the sun. Green meadow under the rays of the autumn sun. Two trees leaned towards each other across the street. Pond in the autumn sun. A yellow field under blue skies on a clear sunny day. A yellow field of ripe wheat under the autumn sun. Fluffy thick clouds over a plowed field on an autumn day.