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Large shapeless stones lying on the green lawn in the shade. A flower with white small petals on a green background. Blossoming daisy flower on a green blurred background. Sunny autumn evening on the agricultural field. A power line on the autumn yellow field. Autumn trees on an agricultural field at sunset. A roll of hay on a cleared agricultural field. Agricultural field after harvesting in the rays of the setting sun. A detached tree of a young birch tree on the edge of the field is illuminated by the rays of the sun. A young birch tree standing on the edge of a green field. Cloud over a green smooth meadow. Green meadow under the rays of the autumn sun. A young birch, illuminated by the rays of the setting sun. Goats grazing on a meadow on a warm sunny autumn day. Goats grazing on a meadow on a warm sunny autumn day. Thin and long white tree trunks with adored trunk bottom. Two trees leaned towards each other across the street. Trees illuminated by sunlight surround a green field. A green field of grass under blue skies with clouds on a sunny autumn day. Autumn field in the harvest season. A yellow field under blue skies on a clear sunny day. Two agricultural fields are separated by a ploughed furrow. A yellow field of ripe wheat under the autumn sun. Young autumn forest under fluffy clouds. Fluffy thick clouds over a plowed field on an autumn day.