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The modern business phone lies against a grey background.

A smartphone with a protective film on the screen reflects sunlight.

Reflection of the sunset and clouds on the surface of the river.

A slight excitement of water on the surface of the river. Reflection of the sunset and clouds in the quiet surface of the river.

Orange sunset over the factory complex.

Reflection of the sunset in the water. The pipes of the plant tower over the quietly falling asleep nature. The red sun is reflected in the waters of the river.

Yellow autumn trees on the edge of the pond illuminated by the rays of the sun.

Reflection of yellow foliage and sky with clouds in calm water. Autumn landscape by the water. A mirror image of nature from the river.

A tree with fluffy foliage by the river in the rays of the setting sun at sunset.

Autumn paints on the shore of a calm pond. Blue skies and clouds are reflected in the water. The grass turned yellow in a clearing near the pond. Sunny warm day.

Autumn landscape. A wooden bridge fixed on the shore.

Reflection of the blue sky and clouds in the reservoir. Yellow foliage of trees in the sun.

Barriers in the black and yellow strip, shielding from the fall of cars into the pond.

Autumn landscape on a pond with calm water on a sunny day. A sign for collecting water and draining.

Pond in the autumn sun.

Trees along the banks of the river with calm water. Plants with yellow foliage show that autumn has already come.

A drawn horse at a festive fair

Landing people on a drawn wagon. A calm redhorse surrounded by people. Festive fair. Clear shadows on the tarmac from people on a sunny clear day. Blue clear skies. The child shows dad the horse. Yellow facade of the church