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Men walking along the waterfront of the city of Theodosia

A building with columns on the shores of the Black Sea. The city of Theodosia, Crimea. Blue sky with clouds above the circular building. People vacationing on a summer day

The house of Alexander Green, who wrote "Running on the Waves", "Scarlet Sails". A Russian writer

The wall of the building where Alexander Green lived and worked is a Russian writer. The wall is made in the form of a ship

The building of an abandoned hotel. Feodosiya City, Republic Of Crimea

High building of the sanatorium against the blue sky. Near the building stretches the railway line

Monument to the artist Aivazovsky in the city of Theodosia

Monument to the artist Aivazovsky next to the art gallery. The city of Theodosia. The Republic of Crimea. A man sitting on a chair and looking into the distance. He holds a brush in his hand. The background is the yellow wall of the art gallery building