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Sea surf on a warm sunny day. Hilarious smiley from pasta Blossoming daisy flower on a green blurred background. A flower with white small petals on a green background. Young shoots of wood in the autumn rays of the sun on a forest clearing. Autumn view of the rock near the river. The rock resembles the remains of a large ancient crocodile. Rocky shores quarry in fall. The sun through the clouds illuminates the high uneven shores of the abandoned carter. Sunny autumn evening on the agricultural field. A large stone lying on a cliff by the water. Beads of pearls on a white background. Large round wristwatch with a pearl necklace on a black background. Reflection of the sunset and clouds on the surface of the river. A young birch tree standing on the edge of a green field. A green field of grass under blue skies with clouds on a sunny autumn day. Autumn field in the harvest season. Running child participates in festive festivities in Shrovetide. Pancake week Girls in Russian folk costumes before performing on stage Selling warm fur hats at the fair